ghost is everywhere, always

Chinese ghost month will start from tomorrow for 1 lunar month. For Chinese, ghost only could legally out of hell into human world during ghost month. And ghost has another meaning for describe malicious/odd/smart people in Chinese. So, ghost is everywhere, always :D


Jack Black's Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

I thought school rock could be end of jack black's rock BS :) but Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is more hilarious. Nowadays rock n' rolls become a joke even in serious duel with devil (well, at least crossroads has some serious fight, IMO). Maybe next time have some movie do JB vs. JB (Jack Black vs. Jack Butler).

Anyway, good job, jack.


Amazing Community

Well, since I been accept the modernmusician music/theory discussion forum moderator few years ago, and now the openmoko project. I was so amazed community member's insight of on discussion topic. Some people just could see through things even more clearly than people actual working on things. Just very cool!


Mail and Post

It's first time using mail posting function of blogspot. Posting through
e-mail have strange feel for me, maybe because of the interface remind me the daily work.

And I made a mistake at first post, wrong e-mail address... a usual
un-deliverable reason after several times of check on update.



這幾年在各個地方 post 了一堆東西, 但是卻沒有一個集中的地方放這些東西. 想一想還是就放在一開始接觸 blog 的 blogspot 吧.

從脫離學校以來, 一路走來奇奇怪怪. 呵, 從好處想是各式各樣的生活都體驗過了, 應該可以寫一個有趣的 blog.
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